Autumn settles in our skin as if we’d swallowed the last of august. It sits inside of us like a child, clawing at the linings of our souls, begging to climb in deeper. The September air coats our bones in nostalgia, and kisses us goodnight as we fall asleep alone. The sky above us is painted grey, and the pastel leaves fall to our pale feet, keeping them warm as they breathe out their last breath. I lay inside the chilled air, my dreams floating above my head into the trees and across the clouds. How I wish you were here beside me, your blue painted palms pressed against my tattooed spine, as we jump into the stream of Lilly pads, and stars dancing in our reflections inside the water.
How I’d love to know the way autumn smelled, when tangled in your hair.
How I’d love to know the way you’d dance, if the moon had asked to you.
How I’d love to know it could stay autumn forever; how i’d love to know you.

Love, nature, autumn, October, sad, nature imagery, personification, happy, sad

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