Some have said that I am a lion,
My mouth holds worlds that can pierce through your skin like daggers; my hands hold oceans that sleep between my fingers,
that feel like home.
Some have said that I am a Sunday afternoon.
My eyes are a tranquil sea full of longing, floating against a water which drown even those who can swim.
But I say that I am more of a ship, and you are the water, for without the ship the water still dances on, but without the water the boat has lost everything.
I say that I am more of a shadow, and you are the human being. I believe that if you cut me open your blood would come pouring out of my veins;
So let me bleed, if it’s the only way to let you go.

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Cory Garcia
about 7 years

Love the imagery used to convey the emotions. Very cool :)

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Cory Garcia

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