As my body sat still on the wooden bench by the water, my soul floated everywhere, catching bits and pieces of the earth along its fingertips, and storing them in my chest. It floated against the water and across the setting sun, it hugged the trees and held hands with the sky. I felt the warmth of the day fade across my shoulders, as if I was the one who made it disappear. I thought about you, and the way being all alone with the earth made me feel the same as when it was just you and I, sitting on top of the stars, with our feet dangling over the sides. My soul is in the air, flying 50 feet above my head, its lungs filled with the last summer rain, and drenched in freedom. It is dancing along the frame of this earth. It is singing to the moon as he begins to show his face, but quiet enough not to wake the stars. I miss laying beside you, and I miss the way the smell of summer had wrapped itself calmly in your hair. I long for the feeling I once had whenever your hands would touch my ink shaped palms. But darling its alright now; because I can feel it all again, just by glancing at the ocean, and feeling its waves beat inside my chest, as if they were synchronized with my own heart.

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Olga Gavrilovskiy
over 6 years

I too feel the rhythm of the ocean fall in unison with my heartbeat. I am mesmerized by your vision.

Cory Garcia
almost 7 years

feeling its waves beat inside my chest, as if they were synchronized with my own heart.All of your lines are really good... nothing wasted... flows perfectly... Congrats!

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Cory Garcia

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