Five years old,
I remember the first day I met you, your unfamiliar hands grasped onto my body
like a mother who had just found her lost child.
I said your name for the first time, so foreign on my tongue,
yet I held you inside my youthful mouth,
Because you made me feel safe.
Seven years old,
I’ve known you for some time now,
your morality already engraved in my every bone,
I haven’t met that part of you just yet, but you  already know every part of me.
15 years old,
your voice had become my own by now. Your gentleness flows through my fingertips like sunlight, and your roof above my head is all Ive ever known.
The universe inside my ribcage, she is spinning, she is dancing, she is,
My home.
18 years old,
My home,
My beautiful home,
Where are they taking you?
Why do you have to go? Just let me hold you,
just once more...
the stars are all spilling out from between my teeth,
I can not catch them,
and put them back where they belong anymore...
It’s out of my hands.
13 years, you’ve been the ocean inside my veins;
13 years,
It’s not long enough.
The sunflowers inside my bones,
they’re aching for your water,
The birds inside my ribcage,
they’re crying for your skies,
the universe–
My precious universe.
She hasn’t danced in months,
I no longer feel her, spinning inside my chest.
Five years old,
I remember the first time your breath entered my tiny lungs, I was so safe, I held you in my heart and
I was home.
18 years old,
I miss being 5 years old,
When I could still hold you with my bare hands.
I miss being 17,
when I knew that I could never lose you.
18 years old,
You are slipping so fast through my fingers, and I am not ready,
to let you go.
I am not ready,
to leave my home.

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