Something has been stolen from this delicate November sky. The world underneath it seems quieter, and the people seem emptier. The last thunderstorm rolled off my tongue the way that words used to, whenever I would speak them to you. But now they’re trapped inside my clenched teeth, burning deep inside my fixed throat. There are paintings on the insides of the trees, inside of my vanilla forest. I search for you behind every flower, and every wilted leaf that falls beneath my bare feet. But just like the stars tonight, you are lost. With tears in my eyes and memories beneath my tongue, I’ll sleep tonight with the smell of the ocean wrapped calmly in my hair. The salt water will burn my lungs till there’s no air left to breathe, but I will stay here and wait, I will wait until this forest around me caves in, and the birds become the songs they sing. I will wait untill the crystalline sky hits the bottom of the earth so hard that it bleeds. I will wait for you, even though I know that you are not waiting for me. And even though I know, that you will never come home.

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Robert L. Martin
almost 4 years

Very passionate and moving. I love the line, "I will wait until the crystalline sky hits the bottom of the earth so hard that it bleeds."

almost 7 years

Love it!

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