The universe has curled up inside my chest, it has made a home inside of me, letting lose it’s rain and stars as they trickle down my spine. Her hands are painted red, pressed firm against my crimson figure, her fingers wound around the universe that I hold between my teeth.
I whispered to her that I have swallowed all the seasons, that I have galaxies growing in my bones, and I feel every one of them as if I had lived there forever
Yet I don’t even know their names
I wear the moon around my neck, and I wish for thunder, as the sky comes crashing down upon me, spilling its dreams all over my skin
Tonight I’ll lay beneath the sunken craters of the sky, the hallow tract of what used to be,
And I’ll remember how I used to whisper to her whenever I had weeds sprouting between my toes. I’ll remember how
I yelled to her when no one else was around
I’ll remember how I loved her
Even though I had never even known her name


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Cory Garcia
almost 6 years

Powerful Imagery time and time again and it sings!

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Cory Garcia

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