I walk with the stars in my chest, their patterns bleeding into my skin as we sing against the paper sky. The sunset grabbing hold of my wrists, the trees carving words into me as I sleep. I long to be a shadow, a shadow that rests behind the ocean, so I can sit quietly and watch her breathe, and no one will know that I’m there. I want to paint a world to walk amongst, where no one can hear my footsteps. All they will hear is the sound my soul makes, when it feels the world inside of her. To dig up the words that sleep so far down inside your skin, and bring them to the surface, to make people hear them, understand them. That is the reason that I walk inside this pale blue November, the reason that I am human, instead of a star. How I would love to be a star again.

Nature, nature imagery, personification, stars, soul

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Julia W
almost 7 years

Thank you so much!!! :)

almost 7 years

WOW! Your ability to create wondrous images with unique word combos is something to be envied! Honestly, your imagination soars on solar winds and your inner child is fully awake, self-motivated, and 100% in attendance. I love how your voice comes through softly while not lacking in strength whatsoever. It looks like you have a new fan!!

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