I carried you under my skin,
I grew,
I changed,
I shed my skin,
But you never changed, you never left.
I held you in my hands, as if you were the blood that ran through my veins;
Maybe you were.
You started to slip through my fingers, and no matter how tight I tried to hold on to you, I kept losing more of you, piece by piece;
Soon there will be nothing left of you.
But then my hands will be so empty,
And my soul will ache,
more than the pain you caused me ever could.
They say that I couldn’t be stronger, that they’re so proud of me for not giving up,
But maybe I am not strong,
Maybe I am just not strong enough, to admit that it is time to go.
Maybe it is time to let you go.
But I have given you every piece of my soul, and now you are taking my body
all for yourself
So take it,
Take it all,
As long as that means
You will not leave me.
You can have all of me,
If you give me all of you, in return.

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