I was sixteen
when I fell to the bottom of the earth
It’s soul ripping through my childlike skin
swallowing my innocence whole.
I was fifteen when I heard the sound of your voice for the first time
the sky clenched between my teeth
the clouds dripping down the corners of my crippling mouth
your name scraping at the palms of my hands;
bloody and raw
Is how you left them.
I was sixteen, the first time I felt my world sprouting beneath my ribcage, like a child growing inside of me
I was sixteen, the first time I realized that saying goodbye could rip that world right out of me
I peeled away every layer of my skin,
every bone,
every hair,
every piece of my soul,
and I handed them all to you
I never got them back,
And that is why I am eighteen,
and I am not the same person I was,
when I was sixteen.

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