Looking past the ocean, to a far off land,
my feet buried into sand.
In the sky, seagulls spread their wings,
while the rapid ocean sings,
with foamy caps of white,
pushing things to shore with its might.
The sun is beaming,
the ocean’s surface gleaming,
just like your eyes,
when we said our final good-byes.
Now is my time to think,
to let everything sink.
My mind being flooded
with everything embedded.
Deep inside,
you’ll find the real me that I confide.
On the surface, you’ll see me calm,
but dig inside, and you’ll find
me ticking like a bomb.
So far, I’ve kept it all in,
sealing my anger in a cage within.
Having nothing but a mask,
I felt up to the task.
But the mask was broken,
and it all begins to soak in.
While the rage is released
along with the beast.
I feel something flood.
I guess it’s the boiling of my blood.
This isn’t insanity,
it’s just the facing of reality.
You can see the change in my eyes.
I sit in silence,
while the old me dies.
I’m tamed at the moment.
But just like an ocean,
I can be raging like a current.
Take a minute, watch the waves.
Their push and pull is what saves,
people from themselves.
And it’s time for me to
change myself.
This poem was originally written in red,
for that was the color
seen in the eyes within my head.


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