Every day,
we meet face to face.
The same way,
in the same place.
Never having
to hide,
you were always honest.
You never lied.
And you
didn’t even care.
You always felt the need
to show what was really there.
With the need
to be on my own.
You were there
when I thought I was alone.
You never
talked back, only mimicked.
You’ve listened to me ramble,
even when I was the most ticked.
Mirror, mirror,
on the wall
I hope that you never fall...
This morning,
I stare at you.
I’m starting to cry,
and I don’t have the slightest clue.
I’m pissed
because you never lie.
And I see the scars
you won’t let me hide.
I can wear
a mask to hide everything.
But looking at you,
I’m reminded of my pain.
You never
let me
become the thing
I want everyone to see.
From all
the shit you put me through,
You make me want
to completely shatter you.
Mirror, mirror,
in the end,
I hate you so fucking much.
But, you are my only true friend.


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anubis love anderson
presque 6 ans


Environ 6 ans

very nice. I also congratulate u in not pretending that ur life is great. It takes real courage to tell others what u r going through, or even just a glimpse

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