A box full of letters
I left on your front porch
there’s a thousand for you
your lust and distrust
from a lover you once knew
you never read them
my heart is full of anguish
Loving you put me in vain
blinded by your astonished glow
now its time to pay
I have despair waiting on a plate for you
there is no happy ever after
with me and you
take you out back
where you threw my hope’s n dreams
I hope you scream
id feel happier
that your in pain
for all that you have done
all i have is revenge
one night your begging for me to stay
the other night you push me away
I don’t want or need your apology’s
to late for that
i have no sympathy’s
you messed up
im out the door
no second chances
i gave up on you
a long time ago
all i have is revenge
you tried to slip me a drugged drink
as i slipped you a cut, near your heart
with words
how does it feel to be hurt
dis loved
so scream and yell you’ll delete me
from your life
who cares!
cause this revenge is all I’v got left
deep inside of me i scream
how could you, i hate you
you call me up
i despised it
don’t wanna see your name
up on my telephone
such a liar you are
so i got the microphone
im gonna tell the whole world
to watch out
and tell them who you really are
you’ll be all alone
like i felt when i was with you
all i have is this revenge
keeping me held up high
as you fade away alone tonight.

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