Cinderelly  Cinderelly Cinderelly!
Do that
Do this
clean up every mess
She has lost all of her courage and kindness
She is now crazy
Cinderelly Cinderelly Cinderelly!
You hear your name again
but where is it coming from?
is it those talking mice?
or a voice inside your head?
Lucifer that cat
not a cat to Cinderella
not anymore
its the devil
to come haunt her
Cinderelly Cinderelly Cinderelly!
poor cinderella
she lost the love of her life
she danced with him once
he was her Kip
she was his Princess
but Lady Tremaine locked her up
in a room far far up in the attic
She thought she escaped
from the help of two mice
but that was all in her head
Drizella went off and married the Prince
Cinderelly.... Cinderelly?
she lost everything
her sanity
she cant tell fantasy from reality
Cinderella dances in her room
replaying the night she fell in love with prince charming
but instead of tragedy at the end of her story
she made it a happily ever after ending.

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