Dedicated to the Gareau family

Dear Michael
I hope you can hear all our prays and whispers
As you walk down this new path i hope you can see and hear us from down here
I hope you can remember us and smile of all the good that had happened in your life
Remember the love of your life that had came to you three years go
Who made your heart full who was your whole world and you were the same for her
She was the one who made you realize the true meaning of love
She is your princess
Dear Michael
I hope you remember the amazing loving times with your mother, father and brother
Who were all there for you and you were there for all of them
And you were proud of your family even through the toughest times
As you see this whole new path remember the smiles and laughter you had with them
Dear Michael
I hope you remember the friends you grew up with and the new friends you made in the city
Remember the long late nights you had with them and the sports and video games you had  shared with your friends.
As you walk down your new path,  smile as theses people will smile up towards you and remember
You has her prince and her whole world
The brother and son who made them laugh and were always proud of you
The friend who was always there for others and will always remember your hilarious catch phrases
As you see us today remember all the good memories with a smile!

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