Look at me
feel me
hear me
I am nothing to be frightened  of
Only do I exist deep with in your heart
just only about once year I come to the surface
to show you who you really are
hiding yourself will never last long
they will soon find out all the secrets you locked away
a long time ago on a dusty dry sunset evening
to never feel what you felt that very day again
it was to strong to hold
to strong to stay standing
fight with me
yell at me
but the power of untimely love
is a big part of this world
your world
drowning in doubt
will never get where you want to be going
face your fear to speak to the human you love
tell how you feel
the only way of knowing
your doubt was true or not
is the answer they have given you.

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over 7 years

thank you Cory :)

Cory Garcia
over 7 years

Look at mefeel mehear meI am nothing to be frightened ofOnly do I exist deep with in your heartThis is really nice!

over 7 years


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