I don’t care what you say
What you think
I’m just an ordinary kid
I’ve got thoughts of my own
You know but you don’t understand
The pain that I have
Behind every smile of mine is always holding in secrets
I hate this!
I can’t take it
Thank god for this lump in my throat to hide what I’m truly feelin
No matter how hard I try there’s no way of pleasing you
Everyone tells me to stop speaking to you and rarely see you
But how can I when she gave me life!
She raised me
Till I was twelve then all of a sudden everything just went to hell!
Am I not what you planned for me to be?!
At least I came out with dignity
Unlike you came out weak and selfish
Will there ever be day your not jelouse of your own daughter
Can’t you ever be proud i did better
Can’t you just support me in anything!
Well fuck this!!!
My brain can’t take this
Soon my heads going to explode!!
But somehow I’ll end up back where I was
Trying to make you proud of me!

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