i know you look back at my texts
thats keeping you in the past
I know when i said ill love you forever n more
it turned out to be no more
it was a broken recored stuck in your head
but baby im sorry i left you like that
in such tragedy
i know
i know i know
that i hurt you,
i could have treated you better
but baby im sorry i left you like that
but i told you in the beginning
when we first met
“you better run im no good for you”
but you took that as a challenge
a challenge you now regret
i know i know
but baby im sorry i left you like that
in such a delicate state
at a delicate place
but i needed to run away
get away from all the anger that you put on me
i had no choice but to run away i felt so bad but
baby im sorry im sorry for all the hurt that i caused
im sorry for saying sorry so much
but what can i do what can i say
im here now standing in front of u telling you
Baby im sorry that i left you in such a tragic way
but believe me when i say im much better with out you
i never thought those words would spill out of my mouth
i kept letting the words drip
you need to hear every last drop that hits
I know that i left you not feeling bad anymore
feeling like a new me
feeling like i should be able to fly
now im free
so baby im sorry i left you in such a tragic way..

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