I crossed the stars to talk to you
And never looked both ways.
I used no maps, no GPS,
No person’s word or say.
I simply crossed the galaxy
To be at where you are.
Who knew it would be you?
I looked for so long and so far.
I got lost amongst the Milky Way,
And distracted by comets flying high.
I walked the length of Mars
Not once, not twice, but three whole times.
It wasn’t until I almost gave up,
When I stopped right at the Sun.
I wished upon a shooting star,
That passed me as I spun.
It circled round my empty shell
And halted only when,
I said, “oh bright star,
Why oh why can’t you be him?”
It shot off like a rocket,
At the speed of light.
And not until years later
Did it once again pass my sight.
He came to me most unexpectedly,
For what he said, my heart was unprepared.
“I love the star that you’ve become.
My dear, we are perfectly paired.”

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An Buachaill Coal Dubh
almost 3 years

The beauty of love.

K.G. Campbell
K.G. Campbell
almost 3 years

Wow thanks so much!

almost 3 years

Lovely poem

K.G. Campbell
K.G. Campbell
almost 3 years

Thank you!

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