A fine spring day she sprouted up,
And opened her buds to the sun.
The glisten of gold,
The wonderful rays.
Warming her peach painted cups.
Sturdy and strong the tulip stood,
Arranging her petals anew.
Her green leaves glowing,
Her stamen looking lovely,
So she looked the best she could.
Though her base be strong and steady,
The blowing breeze shook her.
She rattled in the wind,
She tensed in the chill,
Knowing it was deadly.
The beautiful tulip;
Kissed by two lips blowing cool nighttime breezes.
She awoke the next day,
Chilled to the core.
A deep frost coated her.
A sense of fear poked at her.
So she looked up at the ray.
Her loving sun friend looked down with sorrow,
And made her warmth rain down.
All the frost went far away,
All the chill disappeared.
The tulip would live to see tomorrow.


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