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It was love

I guess it was love, because the months turned to a year and I’m still here.
Still here waiting,
Waiting for the feelings to fade.
Fade as they have, yet some still remain.
Remain as a reminder,
A reminder that you were once here.
Here you are no more, yet seeing your face still feels like a blow to the gut.
The gut who’s instincts told me to let you go.
Go became gone and I know you are happy.
Happier than I could make you.
You were the only one to touch a piece of me I didn’t know I possessed.
Possessed,  obsessed and ultimately depressed.
Depressed when you were here, depressed when you were gone.
Gone, no longer a part of my life, yet you still linger in my head.
My head screams that it doesn’t understand.
Doesn’t understand why, after all this time,  you still enter my mind.
Must have been love.

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