Another Poem I’ll Never Send (part six)


Dear Rose,

For a while now I’ve wised a few things. One that I could give you a family. But it’s physically impossible. My second wish is that I could marry you. I’ve thought about how I’d propose. We’d date for two years. Live together for one and a half. If we were fine, I’d propose by the end of the fourth year. We would be married in one or two year. My proposal? Beach house for a weekend. As the sun sets we’d be inside, finishing dinner. We’d go out to the balcony and lights would shine in the sand. Written in it– “Will You Marry Me?” I’d be knelt down behind you, ring in hand. Would you say yes? Would you even want to marry me? I know I can’t give you a family. Or even provide you the world. All I have is my love. My heart. My soul.

Damn... I love you.

Is this too much? Should I think about this? Most likely not. I can’t say I care.
I let my mind wander with that so it shuts up when it tries to hurt me and heart. Ignore this if you’re scared. Ignore this if you’ll never feel the same. No... Just ignore this.

I’m in love with you.

Maybe one day when the times right I'll tell you this is for you. For now this will stay secret- along with every other letter I've written for you.

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