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'I care for you. You know I do.
I love you so much
And I don’t want to lose you.
Please don’t be angry at me
For I don’t mean to make you mad
Please don’t leave me
For I need you.
And you need me’
This is what you say to me
This is what you say to me, damn it!
Actions speak louder then words!
Stop saying that you care and show me!
Why is it you write it down and you show me
But you never show me the truth?
I’ve put up with you long enough!
You’ve made me cry tears of anger
You hurt my sisters with your actions
You’ve hurt my family and my heart
Stop acting like we’re against you and come to us!
Let us help you
Make you feel better
Let us help you
Please let us in
How much harder must I pound
On you door for you to hear?
Please... Oh please....
Just leave me alone if your going to act this way
And lie to my face
Then go away
My life is already hell and I don’t need you
To make it any worse
So if your going to try and help me
But not let me help you
I want you to go away
For I’ll be fine
For you are in more pain then I
So please...
All I ask
Is for you to open your arms
And let me help you
For the way you act hurts all
And the words you say just anger me
Let me help you
Before you try t0 help me.

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Thanks! :)

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