His Pain

He smiles happily
Even through the pain
He cries tears of joy
When he has a broken heart
His life to him is a living hell
Everyone pushes him around
And treats him like crap
Even when he just tries to hide away
No one understands what he goes through
No one knows his pain
And no one can imagine his hardships
For he has been hurt in more ways
Then you can ever imagine
His parents abuse him
He gets bullied at school
His torture never ends
No matter where he goes
When he does have some time to himself
He turns on his iPod
And listen to music
Until he has to go
Everyone judges him
Asking why he does that
Isolate himself from others
When he should be out
And making friends
But he has already tried that
And every time he gets stabbed in the back
And once again is hurt
He enjoys being alone for that is what he is use to
No one wants to be with him
So he just stays away from everyone
He is an outcast
A loner
A nobody
And no one cares

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