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Find My Way

I hide form everyone
Not wanting anyone to see who I am
Not wanting to be judged
Or to be punished for what I’ve done
I’m such a criminal
Stealing things left and right
Making sure I’m alright
And making sure my love ones are out of sight
I don’t want anyone to worry
Or to always want to help
I want to be alone
In the dark corner
With my thoughts
Paper and pencil
I write things down
To get my thoughts under control
Yet no matter how much I write
I’m still nervous, anxious, and stressed
The more I write the deeper I go
Into the darkness I fall
With words surrounding me
Telling me to follow them deeper and deeper
Into the hole of nothing
I try to fight it
I truly do
But I still fall down
Until I hit the ground
My mind finally shatters
And I can finally think straight
Or is this all an illusion?
Is something or one making me feel this way?
Will I every know?
Can I ever know?
I guess I can’t for now
So I guess I’ll keep walking
Until I find my way back home.

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