With You

We’ve been through a lot together
Cried, fought, been in pain
But no matter what we went through
We’ve stayed together in thick and thin
And with every moment we are together
My heart is filled with joy
It starts to beat faster
As it overflows with excitement
If you gave me a chance
To be with you for the rest of my life
I promise I’ll do my best
To make all the wrong things right
I can’t promise I’ll be perfect
Or that together we’ll be fine
Yes, we’ll have our rough edges
But all things can be smoothed
One day we went on an adventure
To see if what we felt was true
A mission we’d take on together
But I know we’ll make it through
Even through our rough times
We always made it
And together we still stayed
With that journey
We learned our love was true
And forever...
I stayed with you <3

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