Here we are, there we were. So in love, so very sure.
Scattered chemicals.... a hard earned prize.
An obsession, an infection in disguise.
Who we long for, and who we hate......
Misgiven trust and shared mistakes.
Inadequate lovers.....misguided fools..
Betraying the heart’s parameters, breaking
unwritten rules. How could you let this happen?
The fault is yours and hers alone.
Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish the difference,
between playing house, and wrecking a home.

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Antonio Rodriguez
over 4 years

And the ghost of skunks past strikes again.

Karla Hart
over 4 years

Correct! My inspiration for this poem comes from a loss of love and trust, hence the closing line about playing house,and wrecking a home. My grandparents have been married 55yrs.Good and bad,blue and gray....That's a love to admire.Thanks for posting sir.

Robert L. Martin
over 4 years

I interpret this as being marital fights that go along with every marriage. Is that right. Very Good

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