The veil

Another day inside the box where I’m free to do
exactly what they say.A day to mourn, a day to
scorn, a day of scrutiny on display. I watch the news,
and read the headlines one more mistruth spent.I
fathom a future irresponsiblely, weighing up calculations
that I dare not vent.People and puppets a paltry display,
they read the teleprompter well.Fortunate few, abrupt, askew,
adaption defined in the cage.Behind the veil, beyond the mask,
somewhere the truth sits and waits. Divination and sorcery toils
bubbles and boils as we hold our breath in haste.Skull and bones
no pirate’s flag, yet they plot, scheme, and plunder us all.A society
that holds secrecy quite well and carries the serfs only so high till
the fall.A secret, a lie, and an unwritten oath, you are but cattle indeed.
The clock spins intrepid, as you pray for clarity on bruised and scabbed

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Antonio Rodriguez
over 4 years

Nice...Alex Jonesy feel there.You are the resistance.

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