We are a strange tune -
Two notes that know nothing of the drinks they drank
But know a little something about
The dance they are dancing.
I am a tall glass of bourbon
With hips curling devilishly;
I am the petals drifting on shallow currents
Dreaming of kissing the ground.
I am flooding, sobbing beneath my waves
And drowning on the car ride home.
I am laughter, I am madness,
I am the pill you take when you want the world to spin.
I am the quivering song
That escapes the lips of a young performer.
I am hurling towards the earth at blinding speed,
Knees tucked, eyes open,
With the sky asking me sheepishly
About my rate per minute,
Or something small of sorts.
I am closing my eyes, I am not listening;
I am drinking in the whistles of the wind as the ground looms nearer and nearer.

All of the places I find myself in life's little details.

October, 2015

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D. Thurmond   aka  JEF (James Everett Falcon)
over 4 years

Well played and nicely done.

Robert L. Martin
over 4 years

Nice poem

over 4 years

I like the metaphors... Thumbs up!

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