The moon is racing me -
She leaves white, slender paw prints
On dark, sleek train tracks
In her wake.
She gorges the
Alleys and valleys
With her full, pale gaze.
The moon is speaking in rhyme
With the street lamps -
They leave a messy shade
Of copper and ivory.
But truthfully I think she holds
Her head higher than we could
Ever imagine.

October, 2015

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Kassidy Joy
almost 5 years

Thank you! And thank you for always leaving thoughtful comments, they are always appreciated!

Kassidy Joy
almost 5 years

Lupa is the she-wolf that finds Romulus and Remus and nurtures them in Roman mythology. As wolves are often associated with the moon, I wrote this poem with a specific image in mind of a she-wolf running about. Thank you for expressing an interest! :)

almost 5 years

Where did the title Lupa come from? Inquiring minds want to know. :)

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