You are a tourist.
You come to rumble your wheels around,
Kissing my skin so excitedly.
New country, new land
New just about everything and you’ve
Come here to conquer me, now have you?
You hop out to drink in a taste
Of that deliciously-me air.
You are a tourist,
And I am giddy to see that you admire my sights.
Dusk will set an innocent horizon ablaze, blushing
Violently over my Taj Mahals and Eiffel Towers.
You’ll watch the ashes rise black and blue on a wayward train,
Plunging into quaint, rural lives
Beneath a diamond encrusted sky that wants
To know how your stay has been so far.
You are a tourist,
Telling me the grand tales of your adventures
And forbidden stories of victory and doom.
You molt a mask of some sorts for a little while
Leaving your finger prints on every inch of me -
Leaving detectives to wonder what strange
Creature stole the heart of their triumphant
You are a tourist,
And as you hunch over in some sort of
Inspirational hunger - Let’s draw these scenes! -
I think of how my oceans will like you, too.
They are my pulse - they dance in rhythms that are
Always in between letting love go or
Chasing after it.
You are a tourist,
And the span of my skies
And the eaves of my breeze
Are nice, but they do not sit like home.
The birds speak a new language,
And the groans of the city are just not for you.
Packed bags, stepping back into the clouds
Your silhouette is wrapped in that midday honey shine.
All the while, I will fall in love with
The thought of your return.

Each and every one of us is as vast and complex as a country. That being said, we are also just as beautiful. In our lives, we will have many sorts of people that shape the person we are and recognize that beauty - citizens, idealists, revolutionaries. However, we also have tourists - teases of forever that pass through our lives. At least for me, I believe it's normal that we have these transitory "what-ifs" in our lives, and that sometimes we fall in love with the idea of having someone stick around.

October, 2015

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