When I do not know how to speak, I turn to be able to write. Without the ability to be able to write I would be sick, to hold all of this inside

A personal word that no one knows how to handle when heard is depression
Not the lightest of the bigger topics to starts a conversation
Depression can leave an everlasting impression
With layer upon layers of different dimensions
To some it can be a hope line for connection
To some it brings loss and rejection
There are thoughts that can keep the business as usual image
For myself it effects how I feel and my appearance
Some days what I can do and say is limited
Needing to talk but feeling prohibited
Days and nights can being with a small thought so innocent
To evolve in a matter of seconds, minutes, hours to cause the saddest explosion
Creating a verse of commotion
Lost at sea sinking with emotions
Some can say it is all a matter of perception
Or how you handle a situation with your reaction
Never what comes out or can not come out is the intention
Leaving the judgements swinging in your mind to make more room for more questions
To all there are many different solutions
But in the moment all communication lines feel broken

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