Respect me and I will riespect you

When I look at you I feel as if I lose my sight
I get caught up on stage fright
I should walk up and take a chance
But I stay and hold my stance
Wishing to be side by side
Feeling the ground move and showing a divide
Never knowing what I should say
Not knowing if we are okay
You normally flash me a smile
I have been to shy to look up for awhile
Maybe this was all a dream
That cause my heart and mind to scream
Me being far from perfect
Has caused you to feel neglect
We have always had out separate social interactions
In doing so I got caught up in distractions
All of thus has caused an amount of anxiety
Not the proper amount of propriety
Feeling of your agitation
Seeing your frustration
A full transformation
Leaveing me hung up feeling mixed and lost sensations
Ringing in my mind is your tone
True colors have been opened and shown
I am meaning to be sincere
Not all of this was presented to me as crystal clear
Nothing was declared
Now I have to repair
There has always been a twist
Feeling if being dismissed
I want you to feel Significant
I’m stuck feeling as if need to always be elegant
Yes I had a stumble
Which did cause trouble
A well learned lesson
I am still left guessing
I want to pay attention
This is my confession
I promise none of this will be perfection
But when you are ready come and grab my attention.


A confession of emotions

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