Created in 2014 - A first attempt at writing a more conversational piece.

Feeling myself slip into your grasp
False or True
Your smile makes me melt
I know it is dangerous
This should not be allowed
Warning, Warning, Warning
Yet I don’t listen
I’ve had a taste
Is this just another late night fling
Just yet another one time thing
Your gaze hits me again
I feel your grasp tighten around me
How did I land my wish
You pull me closer, and closer
Yet to only push me away
I run my fingers through your hair
Wishing for you to pull me close
I am afraid to approach you behind closed doors
No eyes, No lies, Just Us
No eyes, No Lies, Just Us
Feeling bound by your touch
You already have me
Time will fly by
Sore to the sky
My mind is wild
Thoughts are on fire
Lost so very lost
Feeling perplexed about the complex
Hold your tough

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