Covers tracks, lost past, memories of a new beginning

Another day of going to visit good friends
I walk through the front door and nearly drop everything from my hands
The first time that I have seen you after so many years apart
All I could do was stare and feel my heart
Felt as if I was going through an old flip chart
That reminded me of our first start
I almost could not believe that it was you sitting on the couch
With the same lean and slouch
It was as if I had gone back into an old school dream
I remember everything in a fast look into your eyes
Trying to cover my track and past as if I do not remember who you are
Not wanting everyone to see through me
Going over past images
Remembering days and nights that we shared that felt limited
As a normal house ritual when guest arrive from out of town
We all proceed to the small green room
You sit across from me
I sit across from you
Round one begins and I can keep my cool
Round two starts and I start to feel my heart
Then my words start
You catch on after I start to speak that it is me
My reaction is still the same to you has it always been
Pulling my cuffs over my hands
To try and hide that you still make me nervous
And then you say my nickname
Follow by a hummed bar of my favorite song

To: My Dear Sage WIlliow

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