Maybe even a new discovery.

Yes I have been pushed around by many but I am not ready to surrender
There really has been a lack of laughter
My emotions have been locked away in a mini disaster
Right now this has turned out to be not a simple picnic
Let me take a stand and put on my lipstick
Yes the days and nights are still painful
Let me walk, I can show you I can still be graceful
This is not a matter to be a negotiation
It is a matter of finding a new sensation
All types of change take a certain amount of commitment
It is time to be the one to change this negative statement
Even if it turns out to be little by little
Even to learn to draw and write it all starts out with a small scribble
Not willing to fall by the wayside and become another statistic
Not willing to loose myself and become artificial
With words spoken or written come with a different vibration
That can twist, and create a new situation
Things will end up to be okay
There won’t be a reason to hit reply
Let me show you that I can still have elegance
I will find the meaning for myself of relevance
This will be my recovery
To find a  new discovery

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