to belindah

It slaps my sight,
as I hold my breath.
How wrong am I?
I don’t  care what she says,
I won’t bare my soul to such.
It’s a forsaken admiration,
for forbidden desire,
one that foams with lies.
If it was love at first sight,
I would say “hold on”,
hold me,
let such impediment crawl within it’s sorrow,
then it’s not.
within the “chears” of grace,
behind us trails glory,
one that I see not it’s face.
then it’s all footsteps of a tale of my story.
She smiled with gritted teeth,
spoke with furry
her alfactory organ spelling malodour,
ar she grumbled abrupt hurry.
But then to say “sorry”,
would be an eternal suicide.


The poem it's all about my ex girlfriend whom we were once happy couples but then as time went on, everything began to alter in a manner of love isolation. She started cheeting and embracing disloyalty towards me and when I found out I ended our relationship.

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