The leaves fall to the floor
In shades of yellow and orange.
A crisp winter breeze
The distinct smell of  fall.
I turn to my left
And stare at pure beauty.
The snow capped mountains
And the valleys down below.
As winter rolls in
The snow falls slow and light.
The elk bugles loud
And the deer prance in the fields.
I find my way to an open meadow
And lay by the trees.
I remember that day
When you sat right next to me.
As I carved into a stick
And your Dad slept down the road.
We sat there just talking
The most peaceful conversation.
At that point in time
I knew we’d be together.
By the way you looked so curious
So interested in who I was.
I lay in this field
Of tall yellow grass.
And wish I could have you here
Laying next to me.


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