to a loving friend

Aphiwe Ban

Dear sanamabitch-ginger
The impossibility of you finding this document was just as promising as feeling cold on a snowy day, but with passion and patience I continued with it.
The reason for such faith in great impossibility is solemn love for a friend. And keep in mind that ample joy is in my heart as you read this*
I can not say that I know you but the infinitesimal I know  about you kept us going. And I am indebted to that.
When I first met you, I did not see a person I could share my world with, but guess wat! I found someone I could share a bench with... oh and not just that, but my break, lunch, my time, my moments and my most expensive smiles and laughter.and still wouldn’t mind sharing obstacles with.  you are more than what I saw and just beyond what I thought you could ever be. I guess that’s just who you are.BAM!
I find myself privileged to have a friend like you.One who breaks every rule he comes across as though he were obliged to do so and yet never bends one in friendship. Though there were no rules set in our friendship, free-styling has become our anthem. And believe you me, we sing it like it was a mandate. Allow me to say you are the thorough-bred life can ever give in friendship.
I love you dearest friend... not just love, but love-love manigga#
I hope you get why I was so keen to get hold of your phone.

Such messages are to be delivered and get older to earn their value just before they can be read**#

With love:
Ngakoana Keamogetswe Pearl Rabatsena# bunny#

This letter was written in the person metioned in the poem's phone and he did not know about it.. It was a suprise letter of apreciation

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