Have you tried so hard to keep things right,
so it wouldnt have to be a fuss or fight
but that thing in you start to grow
and withthin 4 months you start to show
the movement is just a joy
ready to find out if its a girl or boy
then comes along is the pain
while trying to figure out the babies name
doctor gives the news of a girl
the heart beat lights up your hole world
then your told your not healthy and your overweight
trying to change things now, is just to late
you in up stressing trying to make things good
and the babydaddy doesnt know nothing he should
family clueless dont know whats going on
dont have the courage to speak to your wrong
end up facing this by yourself
inside knowing you need some help
sad to say but all you can do is wait till the babys gone
to bad you want be able to bring her home
but you sing and smooth her to the end
and try your best to not get pregant again

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over 7 years

thank you :)

A. S. Matthews
over 7 years

You got a little something girl! Just needs some editing! Your really deep though...I felt this one! Loved it!


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