you can call me crazy tell me i done lost my mind
say that you dont appericate what i did, but i took what was mine
to tell you the truth you wantd the house so bad
so i let you have it but also took the stuff i had
even the things we both paid on and shared
i broke and busted things even tore up that chair
dont get mad when you find some cut up underwear
because i dared you to mess with me
and you actually went there
are you mad, because the wheels on the car is gone
are you mad, i came in and invaded our home
are you mad because i stood up and carma was a bitch
that this time you where the one hurt, confused and shit
yes, i amit i did set you up
told you to come to the hotel where you thought we where suppose to fuck
then next thing you know all 3 of your hoes showed up
i guess you wanted to swing on us, and decided to get messed up
i might scooped to a level, call me immature’
but you did this baby and i got back at you for sure
i laughed at your pain, just like you did mine
you hurt me over the years, i did mine all in one time
hope you know that im done
but at first i had to have me alittle fun
i kissed a cup incase you wanted to taste my lips
left a picture behind in case you wanted to see my body and hips
left a recording of me destroying the house incase you needed to hear my voice
i love you boy, but this was your choice
so call me crazy and say i lost my mine
but know carma is a bitch and it came at the right time

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