some females walks and sit around waiting on men to show us love
some desprate, some just because
wanting to feel wanted, wanting to feel that someones there
even through the worse, well do almost anything to keep them there
but love is not something we can create
when they knock us down with there games we got to be ready to set ourself straight
for all the women the young or nieve
the wishful thinking, no more wondering
you cant sit around, thinking he gone turn good
you shouldnt be feeling down because hes not doing what he should
now you been at it alittle to long do you think he gonna change
your sitting on the couch all own, and it suppose to be yall anversity day
holding on is good but what about loving you
respect yourself  and just maybe hell change what he do
but us women must get together and take a stand
no more taking stuff from theses men
we get trash when its all love we send
love cant be create so we must stand tall
all us females going through something lets all get together and stand tall

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