when you first told me you loved me i wasnt sure if you was forreal
but being with you i soon begin too see and understand how you felt,
and baby i mean it when i say i cant do this by myself
we have our ups and down and i feel like we already been through alot
but i love you baby, cant nobody take your spot
can you look in my eyes and see the pain that came before you
im sorry if i stress you out because of the things i think you might do
what you got to understand baby is that the good things you bring to me is new
and the hoes that trying to get to us lead to me accusing
so thats why my heart keep refusing and its tired of being abused ..
stepped on and misused.
you know the deepest part of me but then again baby you still dont know
and im just confused and dont know which path we gone go
but on this rocky road, wheverever it leads baby im going to always show
that you mean the most to me and i not going to let you go

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