i guess this is confusion

i cant believe what i heard
another pregnancy is what i just observed
how will all of this turn out
thinking about the disappoiments, the screams, and the shouts
its feels like my  baby girl just died yeserday
i remember me not wanting to take another breath that day
what would happen this time?
how am i sure sthe baby actually be mine,
that nine months will be successful
i cant stress, but my life is just stressful
i cant force myself to bring a smile to my face
to see what a friend might see the bless and the grace
i dont know how or where this is going to go
i guess this is confusion, my mother told me about being a hoe
but how can i be called an whore?
my legs never open to anybody, not a come in welcoming door.
the things they might say i guess i should ignore
get ready for a baby.. so what hit the store?
am i bad for thinking, i bet theyll call me selfish
telling me its all about the baby now, the baby is my fun
no more trying to party and hit the streets and run
to tell the truth i been done
never partyed and stay out late or did a ton
this might just turn out to be a suprise
i might be the best mother there is alive
as long as i try to be
make sure my child is good and healthy
try the best to my ability
just be strong and now be the mother to be

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