just a way to express

can you say this a way i express
or would you look at me and say im depress
most everything i write is full with sorrow
or the reality of the worlds nd hope for tomorrow
can you say i went alittle crazy
crying, and wanting to died, lazying in the bed being lazy
would you say i give up to easily, or am i just a shame
looking for somebody to talk to, or somewhere to just put the blame.
dont want a shoulder to cry on, maybe not somebody to rely on
poetry is my relief, so i can talk to myself and have belief.
so i can write what i feel and imaging
to ease some of the fustration i be having.
just a way to express.... so dont say im stress
dont tell me i need help, or my story is sad
because me writing is my future gladness
so i can soon get over the sadness

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