maybe im the only one who gets it

maybe im the only one who gets it
maybe nobody else meant to understand
tried and smile at the strink of pain
try your best to get back up again.
falling down to many times, hurting and theres to many lies
your blind and dont know whats reality, your dream have even became a nightmare
open up your eyes and stare
theres thought thats not making any sence
preachers cant even seem to get through
you ask yourself what else can go wrong and you really dont know whats next you gone do
reality cant hit you in the face, your not sure what is real
pinch me if you must but with so must pain i can no longer feel.
close my eyes try to take it all in
they say smile it would go away,
how come i been living for 17 years but yet i cant decribe to anyone a good day
i heard its a blessing if you wake the next day but i say its a lession learned
as long as i lay and keep my eyes close, maybe the tears wouldnt burn


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