times we tend to not see what is real from what is not, love have us blind.. looking for the right things in the wrong person.

Sitting around and thinking, reminising on the past
memories flowing throw our mind, while wondering why it couldnt last
blaming ourself.. thinking we making all the mistakes
knowing hes not right for us, but its all just a disgrace
wanting it to be complete, wanting to be knocked off our feet
maybe hell come around, maybe he just need time
but finally realizing all his time is waisting mind
still looking for the right, even though we see the wrong
knowing in your heart that this not where we belonge
but it takes so much to be strong, and what hurts hes already been gone
since we’ve been talking we been all alone
trying to keep yall together with a prayer
all we ever want is for them to open up and share
its a battle to keep yall going
him not being there begin to start showing
then the tears starts flowing
you come to realize,
he not the right one, our eyes was like a decise

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