theres the times when you go crazy, cant understand who you are
same thing happening daily and havent gotten no better so far,
thoughts been going throw your  head, voice whispering in your ear
the world dont care if you exisit, nothing to you seem clear
your partner that you thought was your soulmate left you for cold
crying in your pillow at night has all gotten to old
your parents say your dramatic  people judged because your daily mood
you cant get to happy about things because nothings goes as you choose
you fighting to make it throw the 24 hours to you its like a week
and on your happy days nobody bothers to open there mouth to speak
you thinking its really pointless
you almost ready to blow
then a sign from god comes by to send some love from somebody you dont even know
you giggle you love you laugh and have fun
then just the next day that person got shot by a gun
dont say by who, dont say why, you have no other choice but to bury them and move on with a sigh
you end up sad again, you end up being alone, you end up in your room again listening to same sads songs
and you tell yourself lifes so wrong, your life just repeats
like a messed up record that just plays the same silly beats

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almost 8 years


Cory Garcia
almost 8 years

Quite a journey :)


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