i cried last night thinking about you, thinking about all things we been through
thinking that maybe if i wouldnt have run back into you
thinking my life could probably be running smooth
i close my eyes and all i see is you,  the times we had,
the good and bad
the things we did,
the things you hid,
the lies you told,
the promises you made
the promise you broke
the tears running down my face,
i sit and wonder, what was the point you making me fall inlove?
what was the reasons for your actions?
why did you have to make me believe you care?
when sex was all you was after?
i stared in the mirror and ask myself, how many times you going to hurt me?
when would you see im a rider, open your eyes baby im worthy.
then i realize yours still a boy in mind,
and i need not to be upset
because if there wasnt a you to show me, that your just one of all
i wouldnt have the power or strength to refresh


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plus de 6 ans

refresh :)

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