A Lonely Little Girl.

Molested by the awfulness of the world.

Depressed, confused, conflicted, molested and abused; these are her cries.
He took her innocence, he took her pride.
Behind her scars she continues to hide,
the only way out is to take her own life.
A lonely girl with her empty stares screaming in silence but no one cares.
A lonely girl with her endless pain screaming out loud but no one hears.
Her pain goes unnoticed her mother cannot tell.
She smiles like the sun but she is going through hell!
Her eyes brim with madness, she tears her own skin.
Her beautiful smile fades and the world begins to win.
The scars on her body reaches to her soul,
This hateful world has taken its toll.
(c) 2016-02-22
Kimiko Watson

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