For once she felt that someone cared,
For once she felt that she was loved,
She was to naive to understand that this man never loves;
He only wanted one thing, and that was to gain her trust.
He forced himself upon her,
Despite her desperate screams for him to stop!
He raped her without a heart;
That man tore the little angel apart.
He took her pride, he took her joy
He took her innonce, only with the only hope that she had.
From that day she became clueless.
She begins to question herself– what next?
She finds it hard to forgive him;
She sees herself and she fears
for her unborn child,
Because she finds it hard to love;
All her hopes and dreams are lost,
For her death would come at a good cost.
Yet she cares for the life of her unborn
Because of this she pushes herself to strive,
She forgives as she tries to forget,
the brutal way she lost her innonce,
She forgave him so that she could heal,
Forgiveness is truly a big deal.
(c) April 6, 2014
Kimiko Watson

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Charlotte B. Williams
alrededor de 5 años

This is so sad, but to forgive this person for what they did was a great step.There can be great pain in this life, so thankful to the Lord for His healing power

Kimiko Watson
Kimiko Watson
alrededor de 5 años


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